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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Micro Edition

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Micro Edition
WINDOWS 7 -For Low End PC's

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Micro Edition Activated works with 128MB of RAM. Compatible with any Computer.. Desktop & Laptop ... Best chose for Netbook and old computer.

Windows 7 is available in six different editions, but only Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate are widely available at retail. The other editions are focused at other markets, such as the developing world or enterprise use. Each edition of Windows 7 includes all of the capabilities and features of the edition below it. All editions support the 32-bit (IA-32) processor architecture and all editions except Starter support the 64-bit (x86-64) processor architecture (64-bit installation media is not included in Home Basic edition, but can be obtained from Microsoft).

This Windows 7 includes:
* Internet Explorer v8
* Gadget for Windows 7
* Windows media player and its codecs
* Windows Firewall
* Parental Control
* Driver brings normal
* The installation is only 1.57 GB (excluding paging and hibernate files)
* Image Viewer works correctly
* Increased compatibility with programs and games (eg Office 2010 beta works)

This version does not include:
* Drivers (printers, scanners, sound, fax)
* Screen Savers
* Wallpapers
* Windows Media Center
* Windows DVD maker
* Tablet PC
* Voice Support
* backup files
* unnecessary Packages

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: Intel ® Pentium ® III 1 GHz
Hard Disk Space: 2GB

Recommended Requirements:
CPU: 2.4 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Space Hard Disk: 2GB


==PART 1==
==PART 2==
==PART 3==
==PART 4==

==PART 1==
==PART 2==
==PART 3==
==PART 4==

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