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Monday, October 4, 2010


Finally; A True & Tested working Airtel Hack for You. As you know Airtel; the leading mobile operator in India has got a dedicated server and a site for gprs (airtellive); and they have a good secured network; which is almost unhackable. But we have succeeded in finding a hack to use free gprs In both mobile and PC to browse and Download.

---Here is the Exclusive Trick---

Use the given trick below 30paisa with airtel live(
-Airtel live default settings.
-Opera Browser (9.20 for PC).
-Default Browser for Mobile.
-P.C Suite for Mobile if any.

For PC:

>open opera9.20 >go to tools >preference >advance >network >proxy server >http
>now in http use
http :
port : 8080
>done now exit opera.
>open pc suite and use as apn.
>open opera9.20 and use trick given below...

By this trick u can able to surf any sites and can also download big files free!!

>Mobile users go to default browser; PC users go to the configured Opera 9.20
>In your address bar type; the following address:

NOTE:- "" should be replaced with the site you want to browse.

Example:- If you want to go to; then the address should be:-

REMEMBER:- For google servers the sign "@" is necessary before your site address.

Instead of google we can use different search engine and other sites also,
For example:

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